When a motorist has a vehicle on their property that is non-working condition, removing it is a consideration so the land can be enjoyed once again. A vehicle that is not able to be driven will require a tow to get it off of the property. If the vehicle’s owner does not wish to pay for a tow, there are a few options in how the vehicle can be taken away from the premises.

Call A Salvage Yard To Find Out About Towing Services

Many auto salvage yards offer Free Car Removal Services if someone is unable to drive a vehicle to their establishment. While some will charge a fee for this service, it is often deducted from the value of the vehicle. The vehicle would be assessed and the compensation would be given to the owner on the spot. The vehicle would then be towed to the auto salvage facility.

Head To Online Sites To Look For A Potential Buyer

There are several social media groups for people to scour for vehicle advertisements. Joining a group of people who discuss the same make and model vehicle can be a lucrative way to find someone to make a purchase. It would be necessary to indicate to potential buyers that the vehicle would require them to tow it from the property. This way the current vehicle owner will make some money from the sale of the vehicle without having to pay for a tow.

Consider Donating The Vehicle To A Charitable Organization

Contacting a vehicle donation service is a great way to have a vehicle removed from a property without having to pay for a tow service to do the job. A charitable organization would schedule a pick up time of the vehicle and send an area towing service to the property to retrieve the vehicle. This is a great way to make a contribution to a charity in a form other than money. The vehicle would be sold for a profit or it would be taken to an auto salvage yard to redeem for the going rate for scrap metal at the moment.